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Creole Stream (Japan), 2009. 

Pretty sweet modern samba and bossa grooves from Orfeo Negro -- a group based in Germany, with a nicely mellow jazzy groove, too! The group does a fine job of blending bossa melodies, jazzy guitars and scat inflected vocals with perocolating beats and programming. It all works really, really well -- the guitars by Detlev Kraatz and multi-instrumentalist Fontaine Burnett are sweet as can be, with lovely vocals by Andrea Canta, and flute by Lothar Krist. Timeless Brazilian inspired moods with a modern touch! Titles include Blue Note Samba 4 U", "Sambahia Canta", "Let's Scat", "Do Do Do It Again", "Majaz Choro", "JSB Melody", "Breezil Conga Song" and more.


Sambahia Canta - Orfeo Novo

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