Chor Proben

Chören das richtige Werkzeug in die Hand geben um sich "warm zu singen, einzusingen" und die Stimme professionell zu trainieren.



Ob Anfänger oder Fortgeschrittene, mit Leidenschaft für Stimme, Musik & und Gesang, unterrichte ich alle Stufen. 

I also give singing lessons in English. Aulas de voz e canto em portuguêse.

Online Stimm-Training ist zur Zeit besonders gefragt!

Wegen der Preise sprecht mich bitte persönlich an.

Besondere Angebote gibt es für Schüler und Studenten. 



Von 2005 bis 2011 habe ich reglmäßig Pop Gesang für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene im Tanzhaus NRW unterrichtet. Seit 2014 organisiere ich die Workshops eigenständig.


Derzeitig finden wegen der Pandemie keine Workshops statt. Ich hoffe dass es bald wieder möglich sein wird!

I teach in German, English and Portuguese


-It all starts with breathing, if you ever did Yoga or Pilates you already know that there exists a breathing technic that works the muscles of your diaphragma. We surely need these muscles to sing relaxed. 


-Get to know all the muscles and parts of your body that are involved while singing.


-Warm up your voice. Before a singer goes on stage he or her will warm up the voice, get to know some singing technics that will help you keep away from being hoarse or throaty, that will strengthen your diaphragma and all other muscles involved while singing


-We can sing with our chest voice, our head voice, or use falsetto. I will explain the differences between theses voices and sounds that our vocal chords can produce.


-Many of us are feeling shy and timid, when standing in front of an audience, and suddenly we have to raise our voice (singing or speaking) and everybody will look at us. How can we overcome this?


-To sing involves harmony and rythm, I will practice with you some little rythmical melodies that we can sing in different harmonies. That will practice our concentration, our rythmical feeling and surely our musical ear.

-Please don´t be shy and contact me if you have any further questions. I really love to teach and train your voice together with you. It is one of my biggest passion! Even if you never sang before, believe me we will find a way together to discover your voice. With billions of human beings on this planet, each voice is unique and to me that is pure magic.